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Backup Favorites Folder

Here's how to do a Favorites Folder Backup

How can I retrieve a backup of my Favorites folder from last month?

How and where is the backup? Favorites folder backups can take several forms ranging from a copy on a flash drive to a full system backup on a magnetic tape or CD or even an online backup service. To further complicate matters, it depends on if you copied and pasted the Favorites folder using Windows Explorer or used Internet Explorer to export your favorites to a file.

Restore Your Backup Favorites Folder from a Flash Drive or CD

Assuming you copied and pasted the Favorites folder to a physical media such as a flash drive or CD, restoring your backup Favorites folder involves doing the reverse. Start by inserting the media containing the backup Favorites folder into your computer. Now, right-click Start and choose Open Windows Explorer. Find the backup Favorites folder on the storage device and copy it. Now paste it into your C:\users\[user] folder. If prompted to overwrite the existing Favorites folder, click OK.

If you want to preserve your existing Favorites folder in case something goes wrong, rename it to "favorites_old" before copying and pasting the backup Favorites folder into your user folder.

Restore Your Backup Favorites Folder from a Backup Program or Service

If your backup Favorites folder was created by backup software or a backup service, you'll need to open the software or service in order to restore it. The process can vary slightly depending on which backup program or online backup service provider you use. In general, look for a section labeled "restore" and find the backup Favorites folder that you want to restore. Usually restoring a given file or folder is a simple matter of finding the folder, right-clicking it, and choosing "restore."

Restore Your Backup Favorites Folder Directly from Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer features an import and export Favorites tool. When you export the Favorites to a file using Internet Explorer, it creates a bookmark.htm file. By default it places this bookmark.htm file in your Documents folder. In order to import this version of your backup Favorites folder, you'll need to open Internet Explorer, click the "View favorites, feeds, and history" icon, click the down arrow next to "Add to Favorites," and choose "Import and export." Choose "Import from a file" and follow the prompts to find and import your bookmark.htm file.

Restoring your backup Favorites folder is relatively easy using these methods. Keep these tips in mind when the time comes to change computers and take your existing favorites with you. These tips are also handy when you use two or more computers and want easy access to your favorite links. 






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