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Help ... what happened to my favorites folder?

How to Backup Favorites Folder

Backup Favorites Folder?

How to Backup your Favorites Folder

How do I backup my Favorites folder?

If you're concerned about potentially losing your Favorites folder, you can prevent permanent loss by creating a Favorites folder backup. Should your folder disappear later, you can then easily restore it from your Favorites folder backup.

How to Create a Favorites Folder Backup
Before you can create a Favorites folder backup, you'll first need to know where the folder is actually located. By default, this folder is stored within the computer user's profile. This means that if a computer has several users, it will have several Favorites folders. Unless you've moved the folder from its default location, it will be located under: C:\users\[Your User Name]\Favorites (Windows Vista and Windows 7) or C:\Documents and Settings\[Your User Name]\Favorites (Windows XP).

Once you know the location of your Favorites folder, you can use your preferred backup method to create a Favorites folder backup. For example, if you use an online backup service provider, you'll need to open the interface for that particular backup system and then add your Favorites folder backup item to its list of items to back up. The process will vary depending on which backup system you use.

Copying and Pasting the Favorites Folder
If you don't have a backup system, but want to create a Favorites folder backup on CD, a USB drive, or some other location, you can easily do so by copying and pasting the folder to the desired location. Do this by right-clicking Start and choosing "Open Windows Explorer." Navigate to your user folder and right-click the Favorites folder and select Copy. Now navigate to the storage device and paste the folder onto the storage device. You now have a portable Favorites folder backup.

Using Internet Explorer to Create a Favorites Folder Backup
In addition to using a backup program and Windows Explorer's copy and paste technique, you can also use Internet Explorer to create a Favorites folder backup. In this case, Internet Explorer creates a single file called "bookmark.htm." Once created, you can copy and paste this file to a USB drive, CD-ROM, or other storage device. You could even email it to someone or upload it to an online storage account.

To create a Favorites folder backup using Internet Explorer, launch Internet Explorer and go to the "Add Favorites" section. In Internet Explorer 9, for example, this section is represented by a yellow star icon found in the upper right corner of the screen. If you click the arrow next to "Add to Favorites," you'll see an option labeled "Import and export." Click this option and follow the prompts to export the Favorites folder. Save your Favorites folder backup on the desired storage device. Should the need arise to restore your favorites from this Favorites folder backup, you'll use the same process to import the bookmark.htm file back into Internet Explorer.

As you can see, there are several easy ways to create a www.myfavoritestoolbar.net backup. Back up your folder today and rest easy knowing that you have a backup in case the need arises.






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