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The world has become beholden to the Internet and all its conveniences. Imagine 20 years ago when you had to search for information in a textbook or encyclopedia and spend literally hours finding the information you needed. Today, all you need to do is search Google and most topics are covered in some depth. The true problem today is not finding enough information but rather having too much information to sift through. This is where the Google Favorites Toolbar revolutionized the way we keep track of important resources on the Internet.

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A favorites toolbar is an indispensable tool for almost any job that requires information. Whether you are a writer, business executive, or a stay at home parent, the information available on the web today surpasses all knowledge available pre-Internet by a wide margin. The Chrome favorite toolbar enables you to store important sources for future use.
Yet what if that indispensable tool was suddenly to disappear? Disaster? Definitely not.

Chrome Updates

Like any software program, the Chrome Internet browser goes through revision to ensure it meets current standards, to ensure it constantly provides a better user experience, and to refresh its user interface. When these updates happen, automatic or not, certain features can seem like they have disappeared. This may have happened to your Chrome browser, causing your favorites toolbar to disappear.
Do not worry, even in the latest update from Chrome, this toolbar is still present and even has all of your favorite bookmarks right where you left them. Unfortunately, in some revisions, not all your settings remain and this is usually due to a bad revision bug or something native to your computer environment. Below is a simple way to recover your Chrome Favorites toolbar easily and quickly.

Reappearing Your Toolbar

Google Chrome has a menu button on the top right of the browser that looks like three lines, indicating menu options. This is where you start:

  1.  Open Google Chrome.
  2.  Click the 3 lines in the upper right hand corner, the settings menu.
  3.  Once the menu appears, highlight "Bookmarks." Another menu will slide out.
  4.  Near the top of this menu, "Show Bookmarks Bar" will be an option and it should be clicked to show a check mark beside it.

Once you click "Show Bookmarks Bar" your favorites toolbar will be restored to the top of Chrome, giving you instant access to all your favorite, authoritative websites again. It really is as easy as that.






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