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Help ... what happened to my favorites folder?
I deleted my favorites folder desktop icon, does that mean the whole file is gone?
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How can I retrieve a backup of my favorites folder from last month?
Favorites folder backup
The favorites folder on my windows computer is gone and I need to get it back.
My favorites folder isn't on my desktop but it was there last week I think ...
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Can't find your favorites folder? Strange things happening to your computer or website? Your desktop, my documents or computer programs not where they should be? Your computer may have been compromised.


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My Favorites folder isn't on my desktop but it was there last week I think. What should I do?

When it comes to the Favorites folder, desktop icons can either represent the folder's location or a shortcut that takes you to the actual location of the Favorites folder. Desktop icons can also disappear. Fortunately, all may not be lost. Below are a few actions to take to find and recover the Favorites folder.

Desktop Shortcut Repair
The best case scenario is that your missing desktop Favorites folder wasn't the actual folder but a shortcut to it. If this is the case, all you need to do is go to the original Favorites folder and create a new shortcut. By default, the Favorites folder is a sub-folder found under the user's profile. For example, if your user name is Chris, then your Favorites folder would be located in: C:\users\Chris\Favorites.

To create a new Favorites folder desktop shortcut, right-click Start, choose Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\users\[your user name]\Favorites. Right-click Favorites and choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). This creates a brand new Favorites folder desktop shortcut.

Restoring a Deleted Favorites Folder Desktop Folder
If the missing Favorites folder desktop icon wasn't a shortcut and the entire folder is now missing, it's possible that the folder was accidentally deleted. Since it's only been a week, it could be sitting in your Recycle Bin, waiting for you either to empty the trash for good or change your mind and restore the file. If you haven't emptied your Recycle Bin since the Favorites folder desktop icon disappeared, you could be in luck. Go to your desktop, double click the Recycle Bin icon and search for your missing Favorites folder. If you find it, right-click it and choose Restore. It will magically return to its original location.

Finding a Missing Favorites Folder
Desktop icons entice users to click and occasionally drag, and mistakes do happen. It's not unusual for a user to drag an icon across the desktop, get distracted, and accidentally drop it into another desktop folder. Because a missing desktop folder could be hiding in a completely unrelated folder, you'll want to search your computer for the Favorites folder. Go to Start and enter Favorites into the search box. If Windows finds it, right-click the link, choose Properties, and look under the General tab for the folder's location. From there, you can either go to that location and manually move the folder back to the desktop or you can click the Location tab and move it to either its default location or back to the desktop.

Missing Favorites Folder on Desktop?