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How do I import my Internet Explorer favorites folder to a new computer?

Buying a new computer is exciting, but it usually involves a great deal of configuration in order to get it just right. Some of these tasks are easier than others. Fortunately, if your old computer is in working condition, you can quickly export and import your Favorites folder. Internet Explorer makes this a simple matter.

Start by going to your old computer and exporting the Favorites folder. Internet Explorer has a built-in tool just for this purpose. Go to Internet Explorer and click on "View favorites, feeds, and history." In Internet Explorer 9, this is represented by a yellow star on the far right of the screen. Alternately, you could press Alt + C at the same time. Next, click the "Add to Favorites" down arrow. This expands the list to reveal additional choices. Choose "Import and Export" followed by "Export to a file." This will create a file containing the contents of your Favorites folder.

Internet Explorer creates a file named "bookmark.htm." When prompted, click Next, followed by "Favorites." Select your Favorites folder (Internet Explorer usually displays the correct folder) and click Next. When prompted to "Type or browse to a file," click the Browse button and choose an appropriate location to save the file such as a CD-R disc or USB flash drive.

Once you've saved the Favorites folder to a removable storage device such as a CD or USB drive, insert the media into your new computer. Now it's time to import the Favorites folder. Internet Explorer uses the same utility to import the Favorites folder you just created, though the steps will be slightly different. Launch Internet Explorer and click on "View favorites, feeds, and history" (or press Alt +C) as you did before. Once again, click the down arrow attached to "Add to Favorites" and select "Import and Export" followed by "Import from a file." At this point, you will be prompted to browse for your Favorites folder.

Internet Explorer, as you recall, named this file bookmark.htm and it is located on the storage device you attached to your new computer. Browse to that storage device and double-click bookmark.htm. Follow the prompts to confirm your choice and Internet Explorer will import your old Favorites into your new Favorites folder.

Internet Explorer makes it easy to import and export the Favorites folder to a new computer. In addition to using this tool with a brand new computer, you can also use it to access your Favorites folder on a shared computer. Of course, you'll want to make sure you have your own user profile and permission to do so. Once permission has been granted, use the same techniques to import your Favorites folder. Internet Explorer will have the same information on both computers.