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List of Steps by Browser to Recover Lost Favourites Toolbar, Favourites Menu,  Missing Bookmarks and Favourites Folder



More often, you require your favourite toolbar just within reach in your browser. This may seem convenient as it is available at your disposal. Therefore, whenever you want to access your favourite toolbar in your browser and find it missing, definitely you will feel frustrated. Lots of questions will start to come up in your mind like "where is my favourite toolbar?" or "how am I supposed to get it back?"

Have you ever been faced with such a terrible experience? You don't know where to start looking for it or even how to do this?

How to Find Lost Favourite Bookmarks Toolbar in Google Chrome 
Say every time you use your browser, you notice that the bookmark bar keeps disappearing and only show up while using certain websites. To find your
 lost favourite bookmarks toolbar simply press a combination of keys on your keyboard to make the toolbar reappear on your browser again. 
For Windows and Linux, hold the CTRL, shift and B keys while with Mac, hold the command, shift and B keys. 
Additionally, if this keeps happening and you feel its irritating check chrome's setting. To do this,
• On the upper right corner of the browser, click the 'Menu' button.
• Choose the 'Settings' tab then click 'Appearance'.
• Check 'Always Show the Bookmarks Bar' to make the toolbar stay permanently.


Finding Your Lost Favourite Bookmark Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox 3
• On your Firefox browser, click on the 'View' tab just above
• Point your mouse to the 'Toolbars' option.
• This will show you your favourite toolbar.
• Check on the 'Bookmark Toolbar' option. This will promptly bring your favourite bookmark toolbar back.

Another simpler alternative would be to right-click anywhere on the menu bar where the popup will give you an option of checking the 'Bookmark Toolbar.'
If the bookmarks are still nowhere to be seen, this means the file may be damaged or its contents deleted.

Lost Favourites Toolbar on Microsoft Edge
Normally, in Microsoft Edge, the
 favourite toolbar has always been set by default to be automatically off, so you have to do it on your own. However, still when you don't seem to have a glimpse of the bar, you get annoyed. 
Unfortunately, you don't know how to recover it back from your Microsoft Edge browser. Doing this is very simple;
• While on the Microsoft edge browser, click the 'More Actions' button found on the top right corner of the window
• Select the 'Settings' tab
• Under the 'Show the Favourites Bar' turn it on to be able to view your
 favourites toolbar once again

Recovering Missing Favourites Toolbar in Internet Explorer 8
• You can't find your favourite toolbar, right? Here are simple steps to follow to recover it back;
• Click the 'Start' button and then select 'Internet Explorer.'
• Click the 'Tools' button on your browser
• Check on the 'Favourites Bar' to show your
 favourites toolbar
• Right-click on the 'Favourites Bar' that is now visible
• Click the 'Lock the Toolbars' button to clear the check mark
• Now, drag the 'Favourites Bar' to the left. This will make your toolbar even more visible to display your favourites

This procedure applies to the starter edition, home premium edition, ultimate edition and enterprise edition of windows vista.

For internet explorer 9
The procedure is almost as similar as that of internet explorer 8. However, rather than directly going to 'Tools' on your browser; 
• Click the 'View' button on your browser
• Then click on 'Toolbars' from the drop down menu
• Next, click on the 'Favourites Bar' button; this should display your favourites toolbar.

In Windows 8, you should follow these steps to recover the missing favourites toolbar in Internet Explorer 11,
• Open Internet Explorer 11
• On the upper side of the browser's window, place your cursor and right-click to open a pop-up menu
• Click on the 'Favourites Bar' to restore the
 favourite toolbar
You will be able to view and access your favourite pages because the bar will be located just below your tabs.

In Windows XP, the 'Favourites' folder is on the computer's hard disk by default on C:\Documents and Settings\Users\UserName\Favourites therefore, just like other folders, it can be moved, damaged or deleted.
• To find it, right-click on the 'Start' button
• Choose 'Explore' and check whether you can see it. Alternatively, type 'Favourites' on the search bar and Windows XP will locate the folder.
• Right-click the folder then choose 'Properties.'
• Click the 'Location' tab then click on 'Restore Default' to move back to its default location.
• Your favourite toolbar will now be displayed.

Can't Find Your Favourites Bookmark Toolbar In Your Latest Opera Version?
This is probably because the bookmark toolbar is always disabled by default. When you open your Opera browser, you'll notice it doesn't show it. To find and enable it;
• Click the 'Opera' button on the upper side of your browser
• From the drop-down menu that will appear, click on 'Settings.'
• From the popup window, scroll down to the 'User Interface.'
• Check the box that reads 'Show Bookmarks Bar'. Your bookmarks toolbar is now visible on the browser.

Can't Find The Bookmarks Bar In Safari? 
This is not an uncommon experience especially when you have a new Mac. 
• First, open Safari
• Then select the 'View' menu on the window
• Find the 'Show Favourites Bar' and enable it
Alternatively, if you are good with keyboard shortcuts, press the command, shift and B button together to display your toolbar
Missing Your Favourites Toolbar in Microsoft Edge
While using Internet Explorer in Windows 8, your bookmarks are normally saved in the 'Favourites' folder on your computer. 
However, after upgrading to Windows 10 and the new Internet Explorer version Microsoft Edge, you will notice that all your favourite toolbars are missing.

Perhaps you thought that during the upgrade, all these would be imported automatically, but that wasn't the case. 
• Click the blue 'e' icon on your taskbar to open Microsoft Edge
• Click the three horizontal lines which are the 'Hub' icon found on the top right corner
• Now click the link that reads 'Import Favourites.'
• From this link, check the 'Internet Explore' button then click 'Import'.
This will restore all your previous internet explorer bookmark toolbar. How simple could this be!
Recover Your Favourite Menu Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

This toolbar may be missing in your browser because the file that stores the toolbar information could be corrupted or is hidden. How can your restore these? Well for you to fix corrupted toolbar, you can restore your toolbar to default;
• Click the 'Refresh Firefox' button on your browser. This can be found on Firefox about support troubleshooting information page just on the upper right corner of the browser.
• In the confirmation window that opens, click 'Refresh Firefox'. This will close Firefox to refresh it
• Once this is done, your imported information will be displayed
• Click on 'Finish' to let Firefox open automatically again

If the favourite menu toolbar is hidden
• Click 'Menu' button then select 'Customize.'
• Click the dropdown menu 'Show/Hide Toolbars' found at the bottom of your screen
• Now choose 'Menu Bar.'
• Click the 'Exit Customize' button.

How Can You Restore Your Favourites Menu Toolbar In Safari?
To users of Safari, this could probably be the easiest task to do whenever you notice your favourites menu toolbar is missing.
• Go to the 'Finder' tab
• Select 'Go' on the held down option key
• Next go to 'Library'. For the 'Library' menu to show up, ensure you keep holding down the option key above.
• Open the 'Safari' folder
• Can you see the file 'bookmarks.plist'? This stores all your bookmarks.
• Click on its icon to launch Time Machine which will display the Safari window as well
• Click on the 'Restore' button then 'Replace the Current File'.

Favourite Folders Section Missing In Navigation Pane in Outlook 2010
In the Mail navigation pane in Outlook 2010, the favourites section could be missing because you either had disabled it unknowingly or you probably switched to Folder List Navigation. If you switched to Folder List Navigation; 
Use the Navigation panel just at the bottom left of your screen to switch back to Mail Navigation which is the only one that displays the Favourite folder section
If you disabled it, 
• Click on the 'View' tab 
• Select the 'Navigation Pane.'
• Now click on 'Favourites.'

Do it yourself
With all these step by step procedures on how to find and restore your missing
 favourite toolbars, you can be able to do it on your own. It doesn't matter the browser you are using because all of them somehow have a way of restoring your toolbars when you notice they are missing. At times, they can't be found because the files could be corrupt or accidentally deleted. Instead of feeling frustrated and angry, follow these steps to get yourself sorted.






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