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Help ... what happened to my favorites folder?
I deleted my favorites folder desktop icon, does that mean the whole file is gone?
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How can I retrieve a backup of my favorites folder from last month?
Favorites folder backup
The favorites folder on my windows computer is gone and I need to get it back.
My favorites folder isn't on my desktop but it was there last week I think ...
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Can't find your favorites folder? Strange things happening to your computer or website? Your desktop, my documents or computer programs not where they should be? Your computer may have been compromised.


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How to Find where the Favorites Folder is hiding in Windows

Favorites Folder Windows

The Favorites folder on my Windows computer is gone and I need to get it back.

When it comes to the Favorites folder, Windows either places it in C:\Documents and Settings > Users > [User Name]\Favorites or C:\users\[User Name]\Favorites. Unfortunately, the Favorites folder can disappear, making for an exercise in frustration.

Finding the Favorites Folder: Windows Explorer Tips

Windows comes with a built-in file explorer named Windows Explorer. This is not to be confused with Internet Explorer. There are many ways to launch Windows Explorer. The two easiest ways are: Right-click the Start button and choose Open Windows Explorer or Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer.

Once opened, you can use Windows Explorer to search for your missing file. For example, it's not unusual for entire folders to disappear due to drag-and-drop mistakes. In this case, the folder could be located inside another folder.

Using Search to Find the Windows Favorites Folder

Windows Vista and Windows 7 include a helpful Search tool, the Search bar. When you click the Start button, you'll see an empty field with a prompt that reads, "Search programs and files." Enter the word Favorites in this field and let Windows search for it. If it finds your missing Favorites folder, Windows will present you with a hyperlink that will take you directly to it. From there, you can determine the new location and move the folder back to its original location. Once you find the Favorites folder, Windows allows you to drag and drop it into your desired location or cut and paste it. Another option is to right-click Favorites, click Properties, and click on the Location tab. Click the Restore Default button and Windows will automatically move it back into C:\users\[User Name]\Favorites.

Other issues can cause problems with the Favorites folder. Windows computers are prone to file corruption, malware infections, and registry problems, all of which can make files and folders disappear. In some cases, rolling back the computer to an earlier point in time using System Restore will fix the problem. For example, if the registry entry related to Windows shell folders is damaged, reverting to a time period prior to the damage could restore that registry key, and thus restore your Favorites folder.

Windows users occasionally accidentally delete items, so it's also smart to check the Recycle Bin to make sure that the Favorites folder is not waiting to be recycled. The Recycle Bin temporarily holds deleted files and folders until you empty it, allowing you one last chance to change your mind before a file or folder is permanently deleted. If you find the Favorites folder in your Recycle Bin, right-click it and choose Restore.